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There are 4 general factors that will contribute to denture success.

Condition of Gums

It seems logical that if your gums are reasonable in size and condition that the dentures should have a stable fit. This is not always the case.

Many patients present with excellent gum size, but may have high muscle attachments, which, during certain mouth movements can easily dislodge a denture. Further complicating the problem are the tongue muscles, which are attached to the inside of the mandible (jaw), and are used for eating, talking and swallowing. These specific muscle attachments can easily “lift” a lower denture. Another factor to consider is the overall condition of the ridge (gum’s). If the ridge is soft and unstable, the denture itself will be unstable. Two major causes of ridge deterioration are, over-wearing the same denture without any relining procedures for any time period of 3+ years, (more common on the lower ridge with full top and bottom dentures), and a complete upper denture opposing natural teeth where the occlusion (bite) is heavy on the front teeth, (upper ridge). The underlying bone is less dense in the front portion of the ridge than it is from the canine area to the back (retromolar area). This is why when you notice the back teeth (chewing teeth) on your dentures wearing flat it is an indication to replace the denture! Remember, it’s easier to replace a denture than it is natural bone. Once the ridge breaks down, it’s irreversible and can only be repaired through augmentation or dental implant therapy, which is a lot more expensive than replacing your denture every 5-8 years and keeping your ridge healthy and strong!!

Denture Quality

Many people assume that if they purchase the most expensive dentures that they can expect a perfect fit. Unfortunately, this is not true. Like a professional athlete, the equipment only enhances their skill. This can also be said of dentures, skills must be developed to achieve proficiency. Quality fabrication is an important feature and should not be dismissed. If a denture is made incorrectly it could create problems such as TMJ dysfunction, chronic headaches, and depression. It is very important that the denture be made and adjusted properly and also for the patient to make sure it is maintained. The fit of the denture, if not proper, can also disturb an otherwise comfortable and efficient denture. It is up the patient to come in for adjustments when they notice excessive pressure from the dentures because untreated sore sports can lead to canker sores and inhibit blood flow to certain areas of the gums resulting in accelerated bone loss.

A good quality denture can be expected to be more durable. High impact acrylics make a denture more fracture resistant, although they are not unbreakable. Wear resistance teeth, which are used at Sure-Fit Denture Clinic, also aid in improving chewing efficiency and overall denture stability.

Patient Skill

This is probably the most important consideration of all and also the most difficult for many patients to accept. The denture is only as good as the patient using them. It isn’t natural to wear a denture as you are replacing a natural body part with an artificial one. It is only a compromise of nature and a poor one at that. Denture wearers must develop skills of manipulation before they can expect success. Not all people develop these skills to the same level. Many people with lower dentures give up and don’t wear them, as they cannot seem to develop these skills. This is why, without dental implants, success cannot be guaranteed. Success is mostly dependent on how well these skills develop, not how expensive the denture is. Not everyone is suited for dentures, and many will never properly adapt to them. It is for this reason that dental implants were developed, to restore function to those who would otherwise be unable to tolerate dentures.

Dental Implants

An implant-supported or retained denture is the “new technology” of the 21st century. Dental implants allow your denture to be stable and secure, similar to your natural teeth. WE MUST BE WILLING TO ACCEPT NEW TECHNOLOGY!! Your choice of treatment will directly influence the degree of success you have and very few people are satisfied with conventional dentures. Thousands of people have been treated successfully using dental implants, which have given them an optimistic future where conventional denture treatment failed.

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