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This is probably the most important consideration of all and also the most difficult for many patients to accept. The denture is only as good as the patient using them. It isn't natural to wear a denture as you are replacing a natural body part with an artificial one. It is only a compromise of nature and a poor one at that. Denture wearers must develop skills of manipulation before they can expect success. Not all people develop these skills to the same level. Many people with lower dentures give up and don't wear them, as they cannot seem to develop these skills. This is why, without dental implants, success cannot be guaranteed. Success is mostly dependent on how well these skills develop, not how expensive the denture is. Not everyone is suited for dentures, and many will never properly adapt to them. It is for this reason that dental implants were developed, to restore function to those who would otherwise be unable to tolerate dentures.

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