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Many people assume that if they purchase the most expensive dentures that they can expect a perfect fit. Unfortunately, this is not true. Like a professional athlete, the equipment only enhances their skill. This can also be said of dentures, skills must be developed to achieve proficiency. Quality fabrication is an important feature and should not be dismissed. If a denture is made incorrectly it could create problems such as TMJ dysfunction, chronic headaches, and depression. It is very important that the denture be made and adjusted properly and also for the patient to make sure it is maintained. The fit of the denture, if not proper, can also disturb an otherwise comfortable and efficient denture. It is up the patient to come in for adjustments when they notice excessive pressure from the dentures because untreated sore sports can lead to canker sores and inhibit blood flow to certain areas of the gums resulting in accelerated bone loss.

A good quality denture can be expected to be more durable. High impact acrylics make a denture more fracture resistant, although they are not unbreakable. Wear resistance teeth, which are used at Sure-Fit Denture Clinic, also aid in improving chewing efficiency and overall denture stability.

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